Spring Festival 2022 promotion terms and conditions


Spring Festival 2022 promotion covers all annual Snov.io plans and guarantees a 42% discount for annual M, L, XL, and XXL plans and 34% discount for an annual S plan when promo-code SPRINGFESTIVAL42 and SPRINGFESTIVAL34 respectively is used at the checkout. To receive the discount, a User must manually enter the code at the checkout.

When purchasing an annual plan with the discount during the promotion, the User will be charged a discounted price for the whole year in one payment, i.e. once for all 12 months. Additional tax charges may apply.

According to the promotion, the User will receive a 42% discount off the plan’s original price for M, L, XL and XL plans and a 34% discount off the original price of the S plan when the promo-code is applied at the checkout. After the code activation, the price for each annual plan will be as follows:

  • S plan - 312 USD
  • M plan - 693 USD
  • L plan - 1323 USD
  • XL plan - 2583 USD
  • XXL plan - 5166 USD

Discount codes for this promotion can’t be combined with any other discount codes: you will only be able to apply one promo code at the checkout. Snov.io Spring Festival 2022 promotion is valid from February 21 till February 28.


All Snov.io users can use the promotion code. All users, new and existing, must agree to and abide by the Terms and Conditions. By creating an account and participating in the promotion you agree to these Promotion conditions and the general Snov.io Terms and Conditions. Violation of these Terms and Conditions can result in account termination. Snov.io Spring Festival 2022 promotion does not cover purchases made using SNOV tokens.


Q: How can I receive the discount?
A: To purchase an annual plan with the discount you need to enter a Spring Festival promo-code SPRINGFESTIVAL42 (plans M-XXL) or SPRINGFESTIVAL34 (S plan) at the checkout for 42% or 34% off respectively.

Q: Does the promotion cover monthly plans?
A: No, Spring Festival promotion covers only annual Snov.io plans.

Q: Will I be charged for all 12 months in one payment?
A: Yes. When buying an annual plan, you will be charged a single payment for all 12 months.

Q: What is included in the discounted annual plans?
A: Discounted annual plans are absolutely the same as the original annual plans. You can check out what you receive with the plan of your choice on the pricing page.

Q: What are the limitations to the promotion?
A: One discount code can be applied to one account. The promotion includes a 42% (plans M-XXL) or 34% (S plan) discount for annual plans only. The discount cannot be paired with any other discount. Annual plans can not be stacked.

Q: Can I turn on automatic renewal for the discounted annual plan?
A: No, annual plans can not be auto-renewed. After the 12 months, your account will be returned to the freemium plan unless you purchase another premium plan.

Q: Can I upgrade/downgrade to another plan during these 12 months?
A: You can always upgrade or downgrade from one plan to another. However, if you do, your current plan will be canceled. Read more about upgrading/downgrading between plans here. Have more questions? Contact us at help@snov.io or via Chat.

Contact information

Should you have any questions regarding this Terms and Conditions you may contact viaadmin@snov.io.

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New York, NY


Published: February 18, 2022

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